Like warmest oceans’ waters

under clearest, smoothest skies,

sometimes blue with a green iridescence,

other times more green possessing

the ghost of blue beneath,

are twin pools caught within shores of flesh-

a sweetly salty water which seems

forbidden, as to drown my heart

should I draw too near

or dream too deeply.

Still, I wonder the beaches,

farther from shore so that

I’ve been burnt, becoming desert

beneath the bleached bones

victimized by the denied lure

of this little god’s curious puddles-

spherical seas virgin to baptism.

Should I be blessed to

venture beneath and

emerge to be reborn-

“able to be loved again”-

and be “broken” yet another time?

No, call me too feeble

to now be so emersed,

too weak as to draw breath

and drown in the infinity

of another boy’s eye.


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…written early in the summer of 2004, I had only recently turned seventeen, and was rejecting the advances of some guy moving in on a recent break up.